Mont Pérat

The Mont Pérat adventure

Since being featured in the famous Japanese manga ‘The Drops of God, this has become one of the most renowned wines in Asia. In the first volume, the hero is pictured drinking a Mont-Pérat 2001, while exclaiming: “It’s like Queen in a bottle!” which was of course a reference to the legendary rock group. The result was a phenomenal demand for the wine, highly justified by the excellent work the Despagne team had put into producing it since 1998.

The Château Mont Pérat estate covers over a hundred hectares high up on the hillsides of Capian, in the heart of the Entre-Deux-Mers, with a lovely terroir of gravelly-clay on a limestone base. Full of fruit, intense, and supple with very round tannins, it is a well-matured wine that ages well. Indeed, we recommend giving it a little time in the cellar to reach its full potential.

Produced mainly from Merlot grapes blended with Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, the reds are harmonious and well balanced. They respect the fruit and have a real sense of place.

As for the Mont Pérat white wine, the fully ripened grape is transcended by the natural minerality of the limestone subsoil and fine clay. It has a precise and chiseled profile, with fresh aromas ranging from zests of citrus to notes of peppermint, with a generous mouthfeel. The red is magnificent paired with a 5-hour lamb and an aged Comté cheese will perfectly accompany the white.

bande dessinée japon mont perat

Big in Japon

Tokyo, 2005.
The author Tadashi Agi and the artist Shu Okimoto were working on the first edition of their manga while enjoying bottles of MONT PERAT, originally recommended by the wine merchant downstairs from their apartment.

In 2006, our wine stars in the inaugural volume of their manga, entitled “Drops of God”.

The hero, Shizuku Kanzaki takes a sip of our MONT PERAT 2001 and gets quite a shock! He is magically transported to a Queen concert, where he rocks out to the “The Bohemian Rhapsody”.
The manga develops a cult following, and wine lovers throughout Asia buy millions of copies.

“The wine is just as good as many legendary crus, but at an affordable price.”

MONT PERAT would soon be considered the wine of reference for pleasure at a reasonable price, and become a resounding success in the Land of the Rising Sun. It remains a preeminent wine there today. Since then 44 volumes have been produced worldwide, with “The Drops of God” developing a cult following and MONT PERAT right alongside it.

Our CHÂTEAU MONT PERAT is now a reference in the Bordeaux wine industry, where it is classed alongside the Grands Crus.

bouteille vin blanc mont perat
bouteille vin rouge mont pérat