Sustainable development

As “winemakers” we are above all, and only for the space of a few vintages, tasked with caring for our terroir.

It’s our responsibility to help it express itself in harmony with the surrounding environment.
We work the soil. We pass it on to future generations. We are responsible for its wellbeing. Grapes, like human beings do best when they’re allowed to grow in a caring environment.

Our motivation

A commitment to producing pure, unadulterated, healthy wines without compromise, and to helping future generations meet their own needs in the best conditions possible.

Our actions

  • Limiting inputs: in the last 10 years, we’ve reduced the amount of conventional treatments used in our vineyards by 80%, in favor of mechanical treatment over the course of the different seasons.
  • Developing biodiversity: every year we plant trees and hedges, maintain our beehives, and care for our aquatic ecosystems, all of which encourage the presence of more diverse animal life. The overall ecosystem is better balanced. The environment is healthier. The natural defenses of endemic plant life are reinforced, better protecting it from disease and parasitic insects.
  • Favoring high density planting: pioneers of this technique in our region, we plant up to four times as many vines per hectare with up to four times less grapes per vine. Just as it does for the most prestigious crus, this demanding work lets us express our commitment and our style.
  • Developing biodynamics: the biodynamic viticultural method we introduced in 2010 has resulted in grapes with lower pH levels and a much greater complexity of aromas. 25 hectares of our highest quality parcels are currently being farmed using biodynamics.
  • The daily fulfillment of our team in a healthy, motivational environment, in the vineyard, in the chai and in the office.
  • Implicating our suppliers in the environmental management system we’ve put into place in appliance with the ISO 14001 standard.

1st French Winemaker certified ISO 9001 (implementation of a quality management system and its continued improvement

Work on the biodiversity of the estates in favor of a caring environment (planting of trees and shrubbery, pond creation…)

Voted “Agriculteur Français de l’Année” (French Farmer of the Year) for our commitment to the environment

 1st French Winemaker certified ISO 14001 (in the aim of understanding our environmental impact in order to optimize our approach)
Beginning of our cooperation with Jean-Pierre Cousinié, grapevine nutritionist, inventor of the Méthode Cousinié for grape growing

Winner of the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Award. To develop a culture of excellence, and to learn how to implement good managerial practices, drive innovation and improve improve overall performance

Since 2010
Introduction of biodynamic methods of viticulture