Our values


We are spontaneous and caring.

Inviting people to enjoy a simple meal is truly our greatest pleasure. A passion for food and drink is best shared in good company.
We’ve let our hearts guide us for generations, as much in our work and our relationships, as in the remarkable way we transform our grapes into wine.
Every Despagne woman and man is one part of a greater whole, which each of us strives to improve on a daily basis.


We are free thinkers.

We do not accept compromise. It is how we guarantee a flawless level of quality. As artists tasked with tending to a terroir, we must treat it with respect for it to realize its full potential.
Making wine requires invaluable expertise: our experience and our irreproachable operating method have helped us master the techniques necessary for a winemaker to bring out the best attributes of their terroir.
Our demanding quality standards are measured by the pleasure our wines procure when it comes time to drink them.


We are explorers.

Being passionate about our work and open to new ideas is how we inspire ourselves to push ever farther in our search for excellence.
Our determination knows no bounds. The obstacles in our path motivate us to broaden our horizons further, moving forward unwaveringly in our quest for perfection.
The same force that makes the Earth turn drives us to push the boundaries of what is possible.
Our mission: To help the terroir express itself to the fullest, by nurturing its original qualities.